A Cute Country Wedding

Let me start this by saying I was so EXCITED for this wedding; I have known her for years! I have been photographing Ariel and her family since 2021, I did little Ian's easter, Cake smash photos, and Ariel's pregnancy announcement. HUGE milestones that I just can't believe I have got to capture!

So, it's wedding day and I arrive at The Wagon Wheel Ranch, while everyone is getting ready I start getting detail shots and planning locations for bride and bridesmaid photos, first look photos, and photos with the groom etc. While Caylin(Maid of Honor), and Alex(bridesmaid) are getting ready I take Ariel to do some portrait shots.

I had her stand next to a picture of her sister Hope (who passed away in 2016). I felt bad because I knew she was going to cry, but I knew it would be easier to do it before her makeup was done. I also wanted her to be able to take a minute to herself with Hope in spirit.

Ariel's Maid of honor and brides' maids were such a tremendous help throughout the day you could tell that they really have a bond like sisters. Now one of them was her sister but you can tell they are loyal and love each other sooooo much. This is when the day starts to get emotional. After their makeup is done it is Ariels turn, she wanted to surprise them with her makeup and dress, so I had them take a photo(above) and got some shots of her getting her makeup done. I even got a precious photo of her and her dad.

Makeup Artist shout out!

I'd like to give a shout out to the makeup artist Kaitlyn Roberts she did an amazing job and worked with me the whole time. Above are some AMAZING portraits I got after everyone was done.

Dress time!

By now I have my detail shots for the dress, and I have popped over to see where the groomsmen and groom are as far as getting ready. I got a couple shots of them and made a few jokes to get them used to me pointing a camera at them (lol). I know its getting down to the wire, and getting close to my most nerve-racking part, the ceremony. The ceremony is where everything picks up in speed and you really just have to be ready to go as a photographer you can't plan or position anyone you have to go with what is going on. This is one of the most important moments of the whole day. But first we have to do a first look with her dad and bridesmaids. This is the point where I am bawling my eyes out lol. I said it before, but the love felt was truly overwhelming (in a good way).

01 / 07

Here comes the Bride!!

Holly if you're reading this, I just want you to know you are the sweetest woman I have ever met!! Holly has known Ariel a long time and she is basically a mother to her. When she saw her with the dress on all she could do was cry tears of joy at how beautiful Ariel looked, she truly appreciated being in her presence and being a part of this day. The black and white photo above is a picture of Holly praying for Ariel wishing love and happiness to her and Steven and a long rich marriage. After she gets the dress on we get some more portraits and it's time for the first looks with her dad and bridesmaids!

Ceremony and Micheal Jackson

It's time the music is playing everyone is going to their seats or standing in position waiting for the bride and bridal party. All of a sudden you hear Billie Jean playing over the speaker and here comes Bradley the flower MAN here to give the ladies a show!

I do!

The bridal party arrives shortly after, then Ariel and Steven say I do. We go to the reception have some good dances. Even get a sparkler exit which at one point I had the idea for them to stand under the sparklers (not my brightest moment). Probably my favorite part of the day is when we went to this pull off where you could look out at the mountains. It was golden hour, and you could tell! I am so happy that Ariel has Steven he is a good man!

This wedding was one for the books just off the emotions alone I am so glad that I get to capture people at their most vulnerable but also most memorable moments. I know I go on about how much of an honor it is, I am always saying over and over, but I can't put into words how awesome it is to know that my art will be hanging in someone's house one day for their kids and grandkids to see. I am breaking out of my shell so much, so I made a speech which was totally out of character for me! I am so ready for more wedding and portrait sessions. If you're reading this as a future bride know that I will put my all into your photo-coverage. I provide assistance in planning, searching for vendors, and give my brides and overall experience that can't be bought! Your photographer should not only be an investment you make but a commitment that last for years! Also thank you to Hannah Hoiser for helping me and being the best assistant all day!

Please enjoy some more from MR. & MRS. Wilkins wedding celebration!