How I juggle business and motherhood

Today's blog post is going to be about how I handle business and motherhood. Let me start by saying it is NOT easy. A lot of times I feel so guilty leaving for work, being in the office (editing, content creating, or booking). I remind myself that I am doing this for them, every penny I make puts food on the table, clothes on our back, and so much more. It is easy to sell yourself short and forget that you are actually running a business and every minute I spend is completely worth it. It is necessary to keep busy and stay on top of things, I also have to remember to take days off. I control my schedule and have to designate days to my family. Whether I stop taking calls or responding to inquiries at a certain time or take a full day to be unplugged, I have to make sure that you spend time with family.

Now I'll be honest sometimes there is no down time, weddings and minis are in full swing plus staying on top of content and bookings. Being busy every weekend gets exhausting and leaves little time for family. That is why it is important to SCHEDULE breaks/days off before the rush comes. You won't have the time once everything has begun, and you will be overworked and burnt out. I don't want to resent the very thing I love.So, I take a day with my littles and husband once a week, and a day to myself. Taking selfcare days are important whether you run a business or not. Use this time to just sit with yourself no littles, no husband, just my camera and myself, or me, myself and I. Have an Epsom salt bath, go walking, catch up on that podcast, just do something. There is no point in having full control of your time and still never getting the time you need.

Ultimately, you're a super star and deserve to be treated like one, not many people have the courage to start a business and not many people can make it work. I do and I believe that you can too. Be kind to yourself your mind and body will thank you. I remind myself that one day I'll be old and look back on these days. What do I want to remember? Do I want to work myself in the ground? Or do I want to follow my dreams and dive in to my passions and live a happy life.