How it began

While I was trying to build my portfolio Megean (bride above) had reached out to me wanting sessions. Our first session was a milk bath in my tiny 2-bedroom apartment. I'm sure the ladies that had them done were like whaaaaat in the world lol. I was around six- seven months pregnant taking pictures in my little tub, they are all incredibly beautiful I was just very new to photography needing some education. So, after that monstrosity I did another model call and Megean booked with me again. She is so fun to work with and absolutely stunning.

The message

One day Megean messaged me asking if I could photograph her wedding, at first, I was like "mmmm idk I'm not that experienced, especially with weddings". Obviously, I took the pictures for her and I am so glad I did. after that day I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer.

I arrived at the house with my rebel t7 and best clothes on I was in true business form. No business cards, such a shame (inside tip: GET BUSINESS CARDS), I walked around the backyard/venue and it was BEAUTIFUL. I thought "how am I even going to do this". All the YouTube in the world was not enough to prepare my nerves. So, I go back in to the house and start getting ready photos, the rooms were dim and florescent lit. If you're a photographer, you feel my pain lol. I spent most the time with Megean and her bridesmaids just getting detail shots and getting ready candid's.

Some of my favorite photos are the pink flower with the greenery around it, the ring shot, the close ups with her hair and mirrors, and a couple more which I will mention later on. As I said before, everyone was super sweet and welcoming they completely trusted me to do a good job and know what I was doing. They also had a really nice timeline which gave me even more confidence to take amazing pictures. We are getting closer and close to ceremony time, and this is still the adrenaline rush part for me. The ceremony is so fast paced, and you really have to be able to catch as much as you can as quickly as you can. The reaction of the groom, the bride walking down the aisle, making sure you're using the right lens, etc. The pressure is on these are the moments that can't be recreated. If you are a beginner photographer, these are things you need to consider before jumping in to your first wedding. How are you going to tell their story? What are things they want to cherish? What technical things are you doing with your camera?

Family interaction

This is my FAVORITE picture from the getting ready collection. Her grandma came in with a warm heart and proud expression to see her on her wedding day. This is a joyful day for everyone involved, you want to make sure that you capture as many moments as possible with family.

Showcase your bride

Make sure your bride is your star! Yes, you want to get pictures of details and bridal party, but you have to remember that this is her day, she has most likely dreamed of this day her whole life. You want to make sure she gets portraits of her getting ready, of her in her dress, even if this means a bridal session before hand so she can be relaxed an comfortable the day of.

Portraits of people close to the bride or groom

Getting pictures of people close to the bride and groom assures that they have multipurpose photos and photos that aren't just about them. Photos including family tie the whole day together and remind everyone that they had a part in this special day!

Don't forget the groom!

I know that things are hectic and it can be easy to be really caught up in all the bridal things, but what about the groom? If you don't have a second shooter available or you do weddings solo, you need to make sure you're getting good pictures of the groom and grooms man getting ready. It's the same if you have a same sex couple you want to show case both of them. Most time the groom party is there relaxing so you can always do some fast little detail things with them and go back to the bride. For example, putting on the coat have the best man help him put it on, or help him put on his tie. These shots don't have to be a first-time thing they can be posed.

Back to the ceremony, I was there taking photos, but I was nervous to get in the aisle, nervous that people were looking at me, nervous just because. I'm now barefoot so that I can move around quickly and get every shot possible for my skill level. Wardrobe is important I didn't have on proper shoes to be standing for a long period of time and my professionalism suffered because of it. You want to make sure you look professional while also being comfortable. This is a long and intense day as a photographer, and you don't want to be hurting. After the ceremony I got family shots and a special moment with Megean her youngest son, he was breastfed so with her permission I got some photos of her feeding him. Which is just amazing to me I was also breast feeding my son at the time, so that created even more of a connection between us.

In conclusion

I learned how important wedding photography is and why being educated is extremely necessary. It was 100% my responsibility to make sure they had a wedding gallery full of things that meant the most to the Bride, Groom and their families. This isn't just a point and shoot profession this, this is art. Story telling in a way you don't have to use words. I am so grateful for the people that once have, and continue to trust in me and my skills, expertise, and dream of being a photographer. They have really helped me become the photographer I am today and are the reason I keep pushing forward with my dreams.

Thank you!


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