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So, you're wanting to step in front of the camera? You have tons of questions and just don't know where to start. Well keep reading and I will tell you some things to help.

Deteermine the purpose

Once you decide that you want to hire a professional photographer to take photos for you, you need to decide what the theme is. What is the overall purpose or theme of the session? Maybe, you want some self-confidence boosting, or just want to show your overall confidence and beauty. It's important to have a clear idea of what you expect during the session and want the outcome to be. The good news is you don't have to do this alone! Your photographer will/should help you with decision making.

Select a location

When choosing a location, the theme and purpose play a huge part. If you want to have a fairy wood scene you aren't going to go downtown, that won't fit your aesthetic and won't look good overall. You want a location that fits with the vibe you're looking for. Discuss with your photographer and make sure you get your dream location.

Find a photographer

Now it's time to hire someone to make your dream come true! This is very important. There are a couple things that need to be considered while choosing a photographer. Style, Portfolio, and Budget all play a part in this. Before you choose a photographer, you have to do your research. Does this photographer have the style you're looking for? Does this photographer's portfolio match or vibe well with what you're looking for? Does your budget and their pricing align well? This can make or break the whole experience for you. You shouldn't pick a photographer based on pricing, is it easier to pay $50 instead of $180? Of course! The thing to consider there is how will the quality of work be. There is nothing wrong with starting out charging fifty dollars I've done it, but I was a beginner and it showed. In no way am I bashing beginners because I was there before. I am saying this because that plays a part in the outcome. If you're overall purpose is to just get in front of the camera and have a good time, but it's not a good time when expectations aren't met. If a photographer doesn't match your style, you're not going to enjoy the photos as much overall. Don't rush it, waiting and understanding what you're getting into will be beneficial to you in the end.

Hair and makeup

Are you planning on doing your own hair and makeup? If you are that's good! If you're not that's ok too. Now you need to find artist, your photographer can help you in this area as well. Again, you want people that match your style, and will have you looking and feeling confident. Once again' it's important to remember that this is YOUR experience and if you don't look good you won't feel good. Make sure your artists will listen to what you're wanting and what you feel comfortable with.

gather props and accessories

Props sometimes a bonus to a session. They can be personalized to the theme, and they can help when it comes to posing. Say you're holding a flower or looking at a book, you can use that to get warmed up during the beginning of your session. Accessories also let you be creative and show case your style. Discuss clothing, jewelry, etc.. with your photographer if you are feeling unsure about exactly what you're wanting.

practice posing and expressions

It is a great to practice some posing and expressions before your session so that you don't feel so awkward during it. Pinterest, Tik tok, and YouTube are good social media platforms to use to help with this. Your photographer will guide you through it of course. This session is for YOU, you don't want to be in your head, going through all of that anxiety and not enjoying the experience.

arrive early

It's the big day! Photoshoot time! Make sure you show up early so you can discuss the days expectations just one more time. Set up is necessary so arriving early can give time for you to be in the perfect place, lighting, etc.. If you're late it can cause a snowball effect, the session will be rushed and the chance of it being a good time is slim to none.

In Conclusion

I'm so glad that you have decided to get out of your comfort zone and can't wait for you to be the goddess that you are. With these tips you won't regret it, and you will always remember the experience you had. It is about more than just money we are artists and want to express ourselves and others.

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