“Why book a photographer in advance?

Hey! Timeasha here, your favorite wedding & portrait photographer! Wow! It’s been a year, and my photography journey has already undergone so many shifts in these 12 short days of the year!

I am so glad to be going on year 2 with BeYou Photography! Throughout this year, I have learned I am a wedding day enthusiast; I love weddings! Anyway, I will talk about that in another blog. Today, we are discussing booking.

Why should you book your session in advance? I know many times a photography session can feel like something you need right now! Due to the season or inner pressure to fit in. I’m here to help you put that way of thinking to rest and help you have peace of mind when booking!

~Choosing a photographer~

Choosing a photographer should be taken very seriously. The right photographer for you will increase the chances of you having a wonderful experience and receiving images that you are proud of for a lifetime. When searching around, a couple of things you should look at are style, personality, and skill! Make sure to look at their work, reviews, and social media! You don’t want to book with a photographer and them not be a good fit because that will result in you feeling you have wasted your money.


Planning is a crucial part of the photo session process, whether it’s a full family session or a seasonal mini session. Contrary to popular belief, photographers don’t just show up and point a camera. We have to plan posing, locations, gear, etc. Booking your session 1-3 months in advance assures enough time for unexpected changes and making sure the session is everything you ever dreamed of; this might also include supplies that need to be ordered!

~Reserving your spot~

As photographers, we get very busy! It’s good to book in advance to assure you can get on the schedule. Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays are great examples; you never want to wait until the last minute because your dream photographer might not be available! Especially with weddings, you should book a photographer for wedding coverage AT LEAST 6-8 months in advance.


My final and probably one of the things I see the most is MONEY. Running a thriving business takes money. Photographers with professional-grade equipment, top-of-the-line education, and reliable transportation pay a lot of money to get to that point. Therefore, their service is going to be high-priced. Booking early helps you prepare financially for your session. Put down a retainer and save for your session if necessary!

As always, I love giving y’all tips and tricks throughout my photography experience. I hope it helps you book with ease and pick the perfect photographer for you! Never forget to Be you wholeheartedly and don’t let anyone dim your light!

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